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COVID Safe Fall Bucket List

Oct 7, 2020 | Allied Healthcare, Travel Nursing

The leaves are starting to change colors, and the weather is getting a bit crisp which can only mean one thing; Fall is here! When you think about Fall, there are plenty of activities that you may have started doing as a child and have made a tradition such as the annual trips to the local pumpkin patch or apple orchard. With the coronavirus still present in the United States, being safe and social distancing does not have to cancel this year’s activities. Do it all and more with this list of an easy, fall bucket list (COVID-19 edition).

Pumpkin Patch

Find a local, smaller pumpkin patch to support this season by attending during the weekdays. Weekends at pumpkin patches can be crowded which makes social distancing a more difficult, conscious decision. By attending the pumpkin patch on a weekday afternoon/evening, there is more space to enjoy the beautiful pumpkins and other fall activities available. Just remember to wear a mask and ask about weekday admission which is usually a few bucks cheaper, too!

Fall Colors Walk/Drive

Who does not love looking at all the leaves changing color on the trees? Driving to a forest preserve for a walk or simply driving through more wooded areas will allow you to get the full experience of all the beautiful colors and crisp autumn air. Make sure to take a few photos and share your adventure with us using #LRSHealthcare.

Go Apple Picking

Apple picking can still be done with CDC guidelines in mind if you pick the right time to attend. Being conscious of social distancing while wearing a mask is your best bet to safely appreciate the acres of apple trees.

Make a Festive Fall Treat

After attending the apple orchard, there are plenty of warm and cozy recipes from homemade apple cider to roasted pumpkin seeds. Listed below are a few fun recipes to try out!

Apple Pie

Air Fryer Apple Fries

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Bread

Watch Hocus Pocus or another Spooky Movie

This one goes without saying. There are plenty of classic Halloween movies to get you in the spirit of the season! Grab a family member or friend that you have been social distancing with to enjoy! Have a friend in quarantine you would like to watch a movie with? No problem! By using an extension like Netflix Party, numerous people can watch the same movie in real time from the comfort of their own computer!

It’s time to get out there and try some of these fall bucket list items. Ready to explore away from home? Give us a call or check out our website for your next travel assignment!

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