Things to Do While on a Travel Assignment in the D.M.V.

Aug 24, 2021 | Allied Healthcare, Travel Nursing

Not to be confused with the department of motor vehicles, the D.M.V. we prefer is better identified as composite metropolitan (or district) centered between Maryland and Virginia. When many travel they refer to this federal district as Washington, D.C.

With COVID-19 variants spiking across the country, the demand for travel healthcare workers has spiked in parallel—which means, the views for your next assignment are not limited. But have you considered checking out what Washington D.C. has to offer? Aside from the nation’s platitude of history and notable monuments, the D.M.V. will fill your cup with plenty of entertainment and fill your belly with plenty of provisions.


Fall Foliage

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the East Coast is THE place to be to experience fall foliage. You can find some of the prettiest colors of the season at Rock Creek Park (and admission is free!). Rock Creek Park was founded in 1890 by Congress and dubbed a recreational resource for the nation’s capital. Today it’s a great place to enjoy a picnic, jog the trails, or drop in for a quick nine on the green.



One, two, three…pour! There’s no shortage of beer in the great D.M.V. With more than 70 breweries, the D.C. region has the second most breweries on the East Coast.   Hellbender Brewing Company, Atlas Brew Works, Right Proper Brewing Company, Red Bear Brewing Co., Bluejacket, DC Brau, City State Brewing and Supreme Core Cider are just among the few local breweries worth touring (but maybe not all at once 😉).


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National Parks

Did you know there are more than 30 national parks in the District of Columbia? Washington, D.C. (and the D.M.V.) is home to some of the oldest and most protected land in America, many of which include some of America’s most historic monuments and landmarks. Tour the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument at the National Mall, skip through the trails of Theodore Roosevelt Island, or be one with nature in the Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens.



D.C.’s newest (free) museum, Planet Word, is officially open. It’s a place that where children and adults of all ages can learn about the diversity between different languages, dialects, vernacular and gain more respect for the power behind words. Aside from valuable word appreciation, you can keep busy touring the Smithsonian, National Air & Space Museum, National Postal Museum and the National Museum of African American History. Check out the complete list of noteworthy museums (and don’t forget to make your assignment official by applying here).


Free Admission (almost everywhere!)

The cost of living in the D.M.V. may be slightly elevated compared to surrounding cities, though the entertainment and dining scenes make up for the difference. It’s rare to come across any admission fees…anywhere. For example, the D.C. Zoo, National Air and Space Museum, the Declaration of Independence, National Parks are just to name a few of the great experiences you can enjoy, free of charge.

Turns out Washington D.C. has more to offer than red vs. blue and elementary class field trips. If you’re looking for a great place to work and play, apply for a job in the D.M.V. today! Browse all D.C. jobs with LRS Healthcare here.


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