Healthcare Travelers Should Prepare for Another Market Shift

Mar 31, 2021 | Allied Healthcare, Travel Nursing

es of the end of March 2021, 54,607,041 Americans have been fully vaccinated, which is roughly 16.1 percent. Although we are starting to see this number grow, it’s critical that that people continue to stay cautious following CDC guidelines for the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes wearing a mask, washing hands and social distancing when possible. With herd immunity on the horizon, the travel healthcare industry is preparing for market changes and what “normal” will look like for the healthcare industry.

As a healthcare traveler, be prepared for travel crisis rates to fizzle out. With fewer crisis rates and non-essentials travel opportunities becoming more prominent, there’s good news – travelers are still in demand!

Over the course of the past year, we have seen crisis rates at an all-time high to entice healthcare professionals to fight on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. Traveling medical workers, including those who work in nursing, long term care and allied health, have seen drastic increases in weekly pay while exposing themselves to the unknown.

Fast forward a year, we now have a better understanding of how the virus works, vaccines are being distributed worldwide, and we are seeing an overall decrease of COVID-19 related hospitalizations across the nation. Thankfully, with the masses getting vaccinated, over-crowding emergency departments and ICUs are no longer a major concern. This means hospitals and healthcare facilities are slowly starting to see an  increased demand for all healthcare jobs. We expect this to trend upward the remainder of 2021, where we’ll eventually see pre-pandemic rates, and job openings.

Due to the decrease in demand for facilities to focus all their efforts and resources on treating coronavirus patients, facilities across the nation will start reopening non-essential travel opportunities at full capacity. Census levels are beginning to level out which will increase the demand for travel healthcare workers across all healthcare specialties, to work in hospitals with a greater need on their floors.

As the healthcare market shifts towards this ‘newer normal’ we have all been highly anticipating for the past year, we want to continue to support our healthcare workers for the selflessness they continue to show to their patients, every single day.

If all goes as planned, we can return to normal in just a few months and LRS Healthcare will continue to stay transparent with the changes healthcare professionals will face.