Nurses Week is a seven-day celebration packed with so much appreciation, it’s almost dizzying. It doesn’t matter if your current placement is casting a little shade or tossing tchotchkes at ya like it’s Mardi Gras, the LRS team is here to shine some hot rays on your week.

The Big Picture 

You’ve worked hard for this wild ride, traveler. It’s worth celebrating, and we want to start out by getting real. From our experience, here’s what a travel nurse really wants for Nurses Week (and beyond):

  • A memory bank filled with planned and happenstance adventures.
  • Respect from teams at the facilities they travel to.
  • Proactive support from recruiters.
  • Hard-earned $$$.

LRS recruiter and travel nurse hugging in the airport.

These things are not too much to ask for, and we’ll do our best to help make it all happen for the long haul. In the meantime, let’s get back to those hot rays and a chance to hook you up with a little of what #4 has to offer.


Florence Nightingale Caption Contest

In addition to some personal social media shout-outs from the team, LRS Healthcare is rolling out a Florence Nightingale Facebook photo caption contest later today.

Unless you live under a rock (or were hit in the head by one and have a concussion . . . in that case, it’s serious—go find another nurse), you know Nurses Week wraps on Florence Nightingale’s birthday.

We’ve all seen the iconic images and statues of Florence living the standards she helped set within the industry all those years ago. What if this awe-inspiring heroine was a part of today’s society?

Would she be compared to Ronnie James Dio’s “Rainbow in the Dark?”

Florence Nightingale .gif with flashing lanternOr perhaps she’d have one of those internal thoughts you know too well, “Yes, I see your call light. Look, I have one too.”

That got us thinking of Florence as a, dare we say, real human being. Perhaps one similar to you. One that no doubt felt the trials and tribulations of the job in addition to those heroic and humorous moments that make it all worthwhile.

We wanted to get your take on what Florence might be thinking in a few of these images on any given day by asking our Facebook community to add captions to three Florence images throughout the week (for multiple chances to win a $100 Amazon gift card, of course—can you feel that warm sunshine?).

The first image will post later this afternoon. Caption it in the comments and share your creative take on the image with the world for a chance to win one of those $100 gift cards. Keep it PG-13, of course, and have fun with it. Two winners will be selected per image, one at random and one by team LRS. May the odds be ever in your favor. 🙂

Nurse Freebies and Discounts

Parks and Recs Treat Yo'Self .gifThough we’re not affiliated with any of these companies, we give them props for offering freebies and discounts to nurses. Rather than toss the whole laundry list at ya, we’ve compiled a few offers we feel will be of personal interest to you.



  • Avis: Receive up to 25% off your next car rental using your NSNA Avis discount number B155157.
  • Cinnabon: Get a free Cinnabon cinnamon roll at participating locations during Nurses Week.
  • Lydia’s Uniforms: Get $5 off by signing up for their mailing list.
  • Medisave: Get 5% off with a rating on Google or a like on Facebook.
  • Hobie Sunglasses: Receive 20% off your online Hobie sunglasses purchase as a NUSA member.
  • Nature’s Gift: Receive 10% off essential oils as a licensed healthcare professional.
  • New York & Co.: Receive 15% off by flashing your nurse’s badge.
  • Sleep Number: Receive 25% off purchases with nurse license verification.

That’s all for now, travel nurses. Stay tuned later this afternoon for the first Florence Nightingale photo caption contest post!

Official caption contest rules live on our website. The gist: caption the blank image in the comments section of the Facebook post for a chance to be selected as a winner at random or by the LRS team. Yup—two chances to win per blank image, and we’re going to post three blank images throughout the week. Lots of chances to have fun and get that Amazon $$$.