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Quinton Fauntleroy: Travel RN & Author

Sep 30, 2020 | Company Culture, Travel Nursing

Meet Quinton Fauntleroy, a Virginia native who has been traveling with LRS Healthcare for almost 6 years. In addition to this accomplishment, Quinton has also taken advantage of his time outside of being a traveling nurse to become an author.  Quinton with A Woman in Society series

Growing up in rural Virginia, Quinton had a creative imagination allowing him to entertain himself for hours without interruption. Quinton’s supportive parents encouraged him to pursue a career in culinary in order to showcase his creativity.  After spending time in New Jersey and Maryland as a chef, he decided to change paths and move into the healthcare world.

In 2001, an ad for a local nursing home changed his life. He applied to become a CNA, opening the door for opportunity in a field he knew he was also passionate about. Quinton worked as a CNA for four years and then graduated with his RN degree in 2005. Quinton worked in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for the first three years of his career as an RN.

LRS and Quinton finally crossed paths through the help up Shannyn Snyders who has been his recruiter since day one.



Quinton’s Journey

“Quinton is one of the most genuine human beings you will meet. He has a way that sucks you in from the moment you meet him. His diverse background just makes him even more interesting and lovable. He is my family. I will always be grateful to have him in my life regardless of whether he’s traveling for me forever or whether he takes his next adventure.”

Quinton, who was fearful of traveling far from home, relied on Shannyn’s strong support to start traveling with an assignment in Texas. “Just do it! If I can get over my fear of traveling and do it, anyone can.” This would be the first of many traveling NICU RN positions he would experience during the next 6 years.

Quinton at a book signing for A Woman in SocietyThroughout his journey, Quinton revisited his creative roots by starting to write. After some time with pen to paper, A Woman of Society was born! Quinton vows to follow his dreams after the tragic passing of his dear friend. A Woman of Society was written and now has become a series that follows the life of the main character, Nichelle. Nichelle navigates the struggles of being a woman at the peak of her career while balancing her personal life.

Quinton could not give enough credit to his parents who have been supportive of his goals and dreams from the beginning. The author and traveling nurse is also close to completing his MSN to become a Nurse Practitioner. Is there anything Quinton can’t do? If you are looking to support a fellow nurse or just looking for a good read, A Woman of Society is available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.