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Holidays on Assignment Can Be Very Merry and Bright

Dec 23, 2019 | Travel Nursing

Travel nurses are a dedicated bunch—dedicated to their jobs, patients, coworkers, adventures and more. However, that dedication can mean you’re taking one for the team and working all the way through the holidays. It can be tough to be away from family and friends during this special time, but there are so many ways to make holidays on assignment sparkle.

As 2019 comes to a close and a new decade approaches, it’s a perfect time to reflect on the year’s travels. It’s also a perfect time to celebrate with those around you, whether you’re on assignment or not. If you’re working through the holidays, here are some ways to bring festive fun to everything you do. Plus, we have a fun story about holiday travels right from one of our own travelers!

Try to keep your holiday traditions

Just because you aren’t home for the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t do things that make the season special. Does your family always cook a special meal on Christmas Eve? Get your coworkers together and share that tradition. Do you love to drive around looking at holiday decorations? Look up the best neighborhood for lights in your current city. Even the smallest of traditions can get you into the holiday mood and make you feel more at home.

Help others have a good holiday

Nurses and medical professionals are naturally giving and supportive people. When you have a bit of free time around the holidays and need a morale boost, volunteer for an organization in your community whose mission speaks to you. Helping others during this season of giving is a surefire way to have a wonderful holiday yourself.

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Make your workplace festive

If you surround yourself with holiday cheer, it’ll bring some fun and lift your coworkers’ and patients’ spirits. Organize a potluck with your coworkers and have everyone bring their favorite holiday food. Decorate your medical center as much as you can and break out your best holiday scrubs. Anything you do to make your patients feel loved and your coworkers cheerful will make the whole holiday season a little brighter.

Go out and explore

One of the best perks of medical traveling is the ability to discover new places. Each corner of the country has special holiday traditions for you to find and attractions for you to explore. Treat yourself to an adventure and make the most of all the fun this season has to offer, like Erica Manson an ED nurse based in Puyallup, Washington right now.

Erica standing next to her boyfriend.

“My boyfriend Matthew and I spent Thanksgiving backpacking in Arizona at Havasupai Falls, a bucket list thing for us for sure. Havasupai is a group of waterfalls in a section of the Grand Canyon and it is absolutely breathtaking. Since we work Christmas and New Year’s this year, we took a Christmas trip up to Leavenworth, Washington, to a cute Bavarian-themed town. There’s tons of authentic German foods, beers and delicious local wineries. Not to mention the gorgeous Enchantment Mountains that surround the town and definitely give you the snowy winter feels. When we get to spend more time at home, we like to take our fur babies to play on the beach and get some energy out. They love exploring and adventuring just as much as we do!”

Erica and her boyfriend at Havasupai Falls.

We love hearing stories like this and seeing how much LRS Healthcare medical travelers are thriving at all times of the year. Go make your holiday awesome and contact us if you’re thinking about a fun new destination for the new year.